class wpilib.SD540(channel: int)

Bases: PWMMotorController

Mindsensors SD540 Motor %Controller.

Note that the SD540 uses the following bounds for PWM values. These values should work reasonably well for most controllers, but if users experience issues such as asymmetric behavior around the deadband or inability to saturate the controller in either direction, calibration is recommended. The calibration procedure can be found in the SD540 User Manual available from Mindsensors.

  • 2.05ms = full “forward”

  • 1.55ms = the “high end” of the deadband range

  • 1.50ms = center of the deadband range (off)

  • 1.44ms = the “low end” of the deadband range

  • 0.94ms = full “reverse”

Constructor for a SD540.


channel – The PWM channel that the SD540 is attached to. 0-9 are on-board, 10-19 are on the MXP port