class wpilib.MechanismObject2d

Bases: pybind11_object

Common base class for all Mechanism2d node types.

To append another node, call Append with the type of node and its construction parameters. None of the node types are designed to be constructed directly, and are owned by their parent node/container - obtain pointers from the Append function or similar factory methods.

@see Mechanism2d.

appendLigament(name: str, length: float, angle: wpimath.units.degrees, lineWidth: float = 6, color: wpilib._wpilib.Color8Bit = Color8Bit(red=235, green=137, blue=52)) wpilib._wpilib.MechanismLigament2d

Append a ligament node

getName() str

Retrieve the object’s name.


the object’s name relative to its parent.