class wpilib.MechanismRoot2d

Bases: pybind11_object

Root Mechanism2d node.

A root is the anchor point of other nodes (such as ligaments).

Do not create objects of this class directly! Obtain pointers from the Mechanism2d.GetRoot() factory method.

Append other nodes by using Append().

appendLigament(name: str, length: float, angle: wpimath.units.degrees, lineWidth: float = 6, color: wpilib._wpilib.Color8Bit = Color8Bit(red=235, green=137, blue=52)) wpilib._wpilib.MechanismLigament2d

Append a ligament node

getName() str
setPosition(x: float, y: float) None

Set the root’s position.

  • x – new x coordinate

  • y – new y coordinate