This is an web interface for controlling low fidelity FRC robot simulations. As the control/simulation interface is created using HTML/javascript, one of the goals of this project is to make it very simple to create your own custom animations and extensions to help simulate your robot more effectively.

Currently, the only backend for the interface interacts with python based FRC robots using the RobotPy library, and is a replacement for the simulator that comes with pyfrc.

However, the HTML/Javascript portion of the code is not designed to be specific to python, but can be reused with C++ or Java backends using a similar simulated HAL library for those languages. Those have not been implemented yet, but that would be awesome if someone did it.


The simulator and its extension APIs are still very experimental and are expected to vary until the start of the 2016 FRC season.


For usage, detailed installation information, and other notes, please see our documentation at

Quick Install + Demo

If you have python3 and pip installed, then do:

pip3 install --pre robotpy-websim

Once this is done, you can run a quick demo by running:

cd examples/simple
python3 websim

Your default browser (or Chrome) should be launched and show the control interface. If it does not show automatically, you can browse to http://localhost:8000/


  • Dustin Spicuzza came up with the original concept
  • Amory Galili has done much of the actual work and webdesign

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