class wpimath.geometry.Twist2d(dx: wpimath.units.meters = 0, dy: wpimath.units.meters = 0, dtheta: wpimath.units.radians = 0)

Bases: pybind11_object

A change in distance along a 2D arc since the last pose update. We can use ideas from differential calculus to create new Pose2ds from a Twist2d and vice versa.

A Twist can be used to represent a difference between two poses.

WPIStruct = <capsule object "WPyStruct">
property dtheta wpimath.units.radians

Angular “dtheta” component (radians)

property dtheta_degrees
property dx wpimath.units.meters

Linear “dx” component

property dx_feet
property dy wpimath.units.meters

Linear “dy” component

property dy_feet
static fromFeet(dx: wpimath.units.feet = 0, dy: wpimath.units.feet = 0, dtheta: wpimath.units.radians = 0) wpimath.geometry._geometry.Twist2d