Upgrade Notes

Here are major things that have changed for the 2023 season:

  • See below for NT4 related changes

  • cscore is much easier to build now, and we distribute wheels for Windows/Linux/macOS

  • robotpy-commands is no longer supported, only commands v2

  • There are two new packages: robotpy-apriltag and robotpy-wpinet

NetworkTables 4 (NT4)

pynetworktables will not be upgraded to support NT4. We will still fix bugs in its NT3 support, but we recommend all users to switch to pyntcore.

pyntcore now provides a similar API to networktables, but it lives in the ntcore package now.

Linux specific notes

Linux requires Ubuntu 22.04 or a distribution with an equivalent (or newer) glibc installation. See linux installation page for more information.