The RobotPy project was started in 2010, and since then the community surrounding RobotPy has continued to grow! If you have questions about how to do something with RobotPy, you can ask questions in the following locations:


When posting on ChiefDelphi, post on the Python forum, not the main programming forum, otherwise your support request may get lost in the noise!

We have found that most problems users have are actually questions generic to WPILib-based languages like C++/Java, so searching around the ChiefDelphi forums could be useful if you don’t have a python-specific question.

During the FRC build season, you can probably expect answers to your questions within a day or two if you send messages to the mailing list. As community members are also members of FRC teams, you can expect that the closer we get to the end of the build season, the harder it will be for community members to respond to your questions!

Reporting Bugs

If you run into a problem with RobotPy that you think is a bug, or perhaps there is something wrong with the documentation or just too difficult to do, please feel free to file bug reports on the github issue tracker. Someone should respond within a day or two, especially during the FIRST build season.

Contributing new fixes or features

RobotPy is intended to be a project that all members of the FIRST community can quickly and easily contribute to. If you find a bug, or have an idea that you think others can use:

  1. Fork the appropriate git repository to your github account

  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)

  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am ‘Add some feature’)

  4. Push to the branch (git push -u origin my-new-feature)

  5. Create new Pull Request on github

Github has a lot of documentation about forking repositories and pull requests, so be sure to check out those resources.

RobotPy Chat

During the FRC Build Season, some RobotPy developers may be able to be reached on the RobotPy Gitter Channel.


the channel is not very active, but if you stick around for a day or two someone will probably answer your question – think in terms of email response time

The channel tends to be most active between 11pm and 1am EST.