JS API: Utilities

To use these functions, add this to your HTML page:

<script src="/networktables/utils.js"></script>


These functions require jQuery and D3 to be loaded first!

The functions in this file are still experimental in nature, and as we expand the number of functions in this file it is expected that the API will change.


attachSelectToSendableChooser(html_id, nt_key)

Given the id of an HTML <select> element and the key name of a SendableChooser object setup in networktables, this will sync the select combo box with the contents of the SendableChooser, and you will be able to select an object using the select element.

  • html_id – An ID of an HTML select element
  • nt_key – The name of the NetworkTables key that the SendableChooser is associated with

See the WPILib documentation for information on how to use SendableChooser in your robot’s program.

updateSelectWithChooser(html_id, nt_key)

This function is designed to be used from the onValueChanged callback whenever values from a SendableChooser change, but you probably should prefer to use attachSelectToSendableChooser instead.

See attachSelectToSendableChooser documentation.


attachRobotConnectionIndicator(html_id[, size, stroke_width])

Creates a circle SVG that turns red when robot is not connected, green when it is connected.

  • html_id – ID to insert svg into
  • size – Size of circle
  • stroke_width – Border of circle