JS API: JQuery Extensions

<script src="/networktables/jquery_ext.js"></script>


These functions require jQuery to be loaded first!

$.nt_toggle(key, function)

When a networktables variable changes, a checkbox element will be updated when a NT variable changes and when a user clicks it.

Alternatively, you can use this with custom elements, by providing a function that will be called only when the NT value is changed. The NT value will be toggled when the user clicks the selected element(s).

  • k – Networktables key
  • fn – (optional) function that accepts a single param, will be called on change
  • evt – (optional) Which event to toggle the value on (defaults to ‘click’)

Example usage:

// this works on a checkbox

// or on a clickable element
$('#my_clickable').nt_toggle('/SmartDashboard/b', function(v) {
        this.css('background-color', v ? 'green' : 'gray');