class wpilib.interfaces.SpeedController(self: wpilib.interfaces.SpeedController) → None

Bases: wpilib.interfaces.PIDOutput

Interface for speed controlling devices.

disable(self: wpilib.interfaces.SpeedController) → None

Common interface for disabling a motor.

get(self: wpilib.interfaces.SpeedController) → float

Common interface for getting the current set speed of a speed controller.


The current set speed. Value is between -1.0 and 1.0.

getInverted(self: wpilib.interfaces.SpeedController) → bool

Common interface for returning the inversion state of a speed controller.


isInverted The state of inversion, true is inverted.

set(self: wpilib.interfaces.SpeedController, speed: float) → None

Common interface for setting the speed of a speed controller.


speed – The speed to set. Value should be between -1.0 and 1.0.

setInverted(self: wpilib.interfaces.SpeedController, isInverted: bool) → None

Common interface for inverting direction of a speed controller.


isInverted – The state of inversion, true is inverted.

setVoltage(self: wpilib.interfaces.SpeedController, output: volts) → None

Sets the voltage output of the SpeedController. Compensates for the current bus voltage to ensure that the desired voltage is output even if the battery voltage is below 12V - highly useful when the voltage outputs are “meaningful” (e.g. they come from a feedforward calculation).

NOTE: This function must be called regularly in order for voltage compensation to work properly - unlike the ordinary set function, it is not “set it and forget it.”


output – The voltage to output.

stopMotor(self: wpilib.interfaces.SpeedController) → None

Common interface to stop the motor until Set is called again.