class wpilib.Utility[source]

Bases: object

Contains global utility functions

static getFPGARevision()[source]

Return the FPGA Revision number. The format of the revision is 3 numbers. The 12 most significant bits are the Major Revision. the next 8 bits are the Minor Revision. The 12 least significant bits are the Build Number.

Returns:FPGA Revision number.
Return type:int
static getFPGATime()[source]

Read the microsecond timer from the FPGA.

Returns:The current time in microseconds according to the FPGA.
Return type:int
static getFPGAVersion()[source]

Return the FPGA Version number.

Returns:FPGA Version number.
Return type:int
static getUserButton()[source]

Get the state of the “USER” button on the roboRIO.

Returns:True if the button is currently pressed down
Return type:bool