wpilib.interfaces PackageΒΆ

This package contains objects that can be used to determine the requirements of various interfaces used in WPILib.

Generally, the python version of WPILib does not require that you inherit from any of these interfaces, but instead will allow you to use custom objects as long as they have the same methods.

wpilib.interfaces.Accelerometer Interface for 3-axis accelerometers
wpilib.interfaces.Controller An interface for controllers.
wpilib.interfaces.CounterBase Interface for counting the number of ticks on a digital input channel.
wpilib.interfaces.GenericHID(port) GenericHID Interface.
wpilib.interfaces.Gyro Interface for yaw rate gyros
wpilib.interfaces.NamedSendable The interface for sendable objects that gives the sendable a default name in the Smart Dashboard.
wpilib.interfaces.PIDOutput This interface allows PIDController to write its results to its output.
wpilib.interfaces.PIDSource This interface allows for PIDController to automatically read from this object.
wpilib.interfaces.SpeedController Interface for speed controlling devices.