Other platforms

robotpy-cscore is a great solution for running image processing on a coprocessor such as the Raspberry Pi or on the Driver Station. However, we do not provide precompiled packages at this time and you will need to compile binary packages for your platform.


See installing robotpy-cscore.

Automatic camera streaming

If you do not wish to modify or process the images from your camera, and only wish to stream a single camera via HTTP to a dashboard, then you can use the cscore __main__ module to start a CameraServer automatically:

$ python3 -m cscore

That’s it! You can point your browser to that host at port 1181, and you should see the cscore default webpage.

Running a custom cscore program

The easiest way to launch a cscore program is via the cscore __main__ module helper. It will automatically configure python logging for you, and also provides useful exception handling and NetworkTables configuration for you automatically.

You can instruct the __main__ module to run your custom code via a command line parameter. The parameter is of the form FILENAME:FUNCTION. For example, if your code was located in a file called targeting.py, and your function was called run, then you would do:

$ python3 -m cscore targeting.py:run


See the intermediate_cameraserver.py example in the robotpy-cscore examples folder

Launching your script at startup

TODO: Add section about launching your script at coprocessor startup

Viewing streams via the LabVIEW dashboard or Shuffleboard

The LabVIEW dashboard and Shuffleboard both retrieve information about the camera stream via NetworkTables. If you use the cscore.CameraServer class to manage your streams (which you should!) it will automatically publish the correct information to NetworkTables. In order for the dashboard program to receive the NetworkTables information, you need to tell your cscore program to connect to a NetworkTables server (your robot), and the robot code must be actually running.

If you’re using the cscore __main__ module to launch your code you can tell it configure NetworkTables to connect to your robot. Use the --robot or --team options:

$ python3 -m cscore --team XXXX

Or if running custom code:

$ python3 -m cscore --team XXXX vision.py:run

If you’re writing your own custom code/launcher, at some point you should initialize NetworkTables and point it at your robot:

import networktables

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