robotpy-rev install


The robotpy-rev bindings are new for 2019, and we’re still working through issues with them. Please try them out and report any problems you may find!

Setup (tests/simulator)

If you intend to use robotpy-rev in your robot tests or via the pyfrc simulator, you must install this package locally:

pip3 install -U robotpy-rev

Or on Windows:

py -3 -m pip install -U robotpy-rev

Setup (RoboRIO)

Even if you have robotpy-rev installed locally, you must install it on your robot separately. See below.

Python package

You really don’t want to compile this yourself, so don’t download this from pypi and install it. Instead, you can download a pre-packaged version from our opkg repository. Use the RobotPy installer and run the following on your computer while connected to the internet:

py -3 -m robotpy_installer download-opkg robotpy-rev

Then, when connected to the roborio’s network, run:

py -3 -m robotpy_installer install-opkg robotpy-rev

For additional details about running robotpy-installer on your computer, see the robotpy-installer documentation.

REV Firmware and Diagnostics

robotpy-rev supports all the control features of the C++ Spark Max library. Firmware, diagnostics, and other things must be installed separately using the tools released by REV.

Refer to the REV C++ documentation for more details.