pyfrc install

Installing pyfrc will install all of the packages needed to help you write and test Python-based Robot code on your development computer. These tools include WPILib, pynetworktables, unit testing support, and the robot simulator.

It is recommended to install using the robotpy meta package:

py -3 -m pip install robotpy
pip3 install robotpy

code coverage support

If you wish to run code coverage testing, then you must install the coverage package. It requires a compiler to install from source. However, if you are using a supported version of Python and a modern version of pip, it may install a binary wheel instead, which removes the need for a compiler.

py -3 -m pip install coverage
pip3 install coverage

If you run into compile errors, then you will need to install a compiler on your system.

  • On Windows you can download the Visual Studio compilers for Python (be sure to download the one for your version of Python).

  • On macOS it requires XCode to be installed

  • On Linux you will need to have python3-dev/python3-devel or a similar package installed