Camera & VisionΒΆ

The RobotPy project provides robotpy-cscore, which are python bindings for cscore, a high performance camera access and streaming library introduced by FIRST in 2017. It can be used to:

  • Stream a USB/HTTP camera to SmartDashboard or the LabVIEW dashboard via HTTP

  • Capture images from USB or HTTP camera, modify them using OpenCV/Numpy, and send them via HTTP to SmartDashboard, the LabVIEW dashboard, or a web browser.

robotpy-cscore is intended to be usable on any platform supported by OpenCV and Numpy, and is a more flexible and powerful alternative to solutions such as mjpg-streamer.


cscore is potentially useful outside of the FIRST Robotics Competition, as it has very high performance and ease of use compared to other solutions.