Commands install

As of 2020, the command frameworks are distributed as separate packages. The legacy command framework is available in robotpy-commands-v1.


Only the legacy (v1) command framework is available for 2020. The new (v2) command framework is not yet available for RobotPy 2020.

Setup (tests/simulator)

If you intend to use the command framework in your robot tests or in the simulator, you must install this package locally:

pip3 install -U robotpy-commands-v1

Or on Windows:

py -3 -m pip install -U robotpy-commands-v1

Setup (RoboRIO)

Even if you have robotpy-commands-v1 installed locally, you must install it on your robot separately.

Use the RobotPy installer and run the following on your computer while connected to the internet:

py -3 -m robotpy_installer download-opkg commands-v1

Then, when connected to the roborio’s network, run:

py -3 -m robotpy_installer install-opkg commands-v1

For additional details about running robotpy-installer on your computer, see the robotpy-installer documentation.